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    The history of the Palio of Siena
    A little background
    Time schedules (in English)
    Useful information on how to get to Siena

    Winning contradas since 1633
    Victories, contrada by contrada
    Total Palios won by each contrada
    Summary sheets of participants, Palio by Palio
    From 1900 to the present
    Contradas that have run in the Palio since the XVII Century
    Non-traditional Palios and special Palios
    Total number of Palios run by each contrada
    Number of years that a contrada has not won
    Number of Palios lost after last victory
    Various curiosities
    Contradas which were unable to participate on the day of the race since 1900
    Winners from among the contradas that were extracted
    Riderless contrada winners
    Days of the week on which the Palio's were won
    Last victory for July, August and special Palios
    16 double victories in July and August of the same year, by year
    Winning contradas in July and August, by year
    Who ran when... and won
    The same 10 contradas that ran together in different races
    Who came in second
    The rivalries

    Frequency of position at starting line since 1900
    Last time in each of the ten starting positions
    Starting line-up
    The starter's names

    Captains of the winning contradas
    Heads of contradas since 1894
    Contrada Officiers from 1693 to 1939
    Contrada Officiers
    Women participants in the Palio

    Winning jockeys
    Jockeys' personal information and sometimes their photo
    Dates of birth of over 300 jockeys
    Other statistics about jockeys
    Court cases and curiousities regarding jokeys
    Jockeys' falls
    Those who were only in the trials from 1888
    Jockeys' double victories in July and August of the same year, by year
    Jockeys that have raced since 2000
    The first contrada for which a jockey rode
    Families with more than one Palio's jockey

    Winning horses in the 1900's
    Horses photo
    Horses that ran for the first time and won, since 1900
    Horses' double victories in July and August of the same year, by year
    Horses to same contrada more than once
    Owners of winning horses
    Race circuit times since 1950